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Just like it's big brother, the RC Pro Rack 1/10 compact display and storage rack is a great way to get your 1/16-1/10 vehicles up and out of the way. This compact design sucks the vehicle in closer to the wall and has a shorter profile making it less noticeable. and making more room for  more vehicles in stacks. Keep your foams from flat spotting and the tension off your suspension when it's not in use.  The added plus is that there is no better way to display an RC than the RC Pro Rack. It will make your rig look like it's floating in mid air. The Compact Standard 1/10 wall display has an asymmetrical arm design and a raised flat cradle that allows for a wide variety of vehicle chassis types. The 1/10 Compacts model's flat cradle is more universal, thus accommodating rigs with flat and tub bottoms to rigs with skid plates and links or trailing arms. So no matter how you're set up, Pro Rack has you covered. The Compact standard is the economical 1/16-1/10 that we have in the line at $20.00. You just can't loose.

The Compact  1/10 wall rack can hold vehicles up to 8.5” wide without the tires touching the wall while on center of cradle, providing a solid, safe, balanced, no-slip contact.

 For anything wider we highly we recommend the Standard, Basher or XL version.

 Weight limit on this rack is 15 Lbs. The rack can hold more weight but needs the HD kit (coming soon)for added strength in key areas.

 We strongly suggest using leashes for safety and protection on all scale RC vehicles.

 ll Pro Rack cradles feature a slotted design that allows for 4-way adjust-ability, to accommodate "cheater" rigs with canted base plates, balancing factors or for aesthetic purposes.

  • Universal Fit Cradle
  • Fits Most All 1/16. 1/14, 1/12 & 1/10 Scale Vehicles
  • No Slip Foam Pad
  • Cheater Compatible
  • Adventure Pack Clip
  • Radio Storage Clip
  • Hardware Included
  • Anti-Flat-Spotting
  • Pro-Spring-Saving
  • Keyhole Mounting
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Patented Design

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